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Zhanjiang Qianhong Ergosterol Co.,Ltd the company brochure

Zhanjiang Qianhong Ergosterol Co.,Ltd. is a biotechnotogy. pharmaceutical manufacturing industry (bio-engineering) of private science technology.the company is located in a sweet County.China s first lion of the town name - Suixi County.In June 2008 by the Pharmaceutical CO.,Ltd.Guangdong China investment to set up.the legal representative Ye Li,the commpany covers an area of 40 acres.28 employees,with biochemical,pharmaceutical other professionals in 16 people has been set up as a single annual production capacity of"nbsp; 10 tons of classes ergosterol refined extract of the production line,a poem with advanced bio-technology,advanced production technology Garden Fact y s high-tech industries.

Ergosterol Ergosterol,also known as      (English name:ergostreol).molecular f mula C28H44O.molecular weight 396.66.is an imp tant chemical raw material medicine pesticides,raw materials,can be used to c tisone h mone progesterone, such as drug production,can also be used in the production of brassinolide auxin.Ergosterol by UV irradiation after the appropriate received vitamin D2.vitamin D2 in the regulation of metabolism in humans animals have an imp tant function,with the promotion of calcium phosph us other mineral abs ption effect.are widely used in health food.pharmaceutical feed industries.promotion of catcium.phosp us other mineral abs ption of metabolism in humans animas have an imp tant tunction,with the promotion of calcium,phosph us other mineral abs ption effect.are widely used in health food.pharmaceutical feed industries.

Company to a high starting point,high-tech,high-efficiency concept of business enterprises.to engage in the yeast industry nationwide to the elite,the establishment of a strong R"amp;D team,embarked on a scientific research, production sale of self-development path,The company has the best national production of raw material resource advantages of yeast to high-tech bio-medicine as a breakthrough point,is committed to creating the w ds largest production base of ergosterol.





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湛江千红麦角甾醇有限公司已建成一条单班年生产能力10吨麦角甾醇的提取精制生产线,是一家拥有先进生物技术、先进生产工艺和花园式厂容厂貌的高新科技企业。 麦角甾醇又称麦角固醇(英文名:ergosterol),分子式C28H44O,分子量396.66,是一种重要的医药化工原料和农药原料,可用于“可的松”、“激素黄体酮”等药物的生产,还可以用于生产芸苔素内酯及植物生长素。